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A Day to Feel | The Daily Quipple

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Today is Mother’s Day: observed by many as a joyful day of celebration, a time when we hardworking mothers can have a chance to put our feet up, relax, be treated to breakfast in bed, a special lunch or dinner, or simply be given special consideration.

The day may hold special times set aside for visiting with or talking to our mothers, perhaps making up for time we have been apart or busy with our lives. The idea of Mother’s Day in our culture is painted as brightly and sentimentally as any Hallmark commercial.

For many, however, Mother’s Day can be a painful and difficult day. Women whose children have died at any age, women experiencing infertility, women who have had miscarriages, people whose mothers have died—for these and others, Mother’s Day can be a day of sadness and loss. [from goodtherapy.org]

Wishing you a peaceful Mother’s Day, quipple friends.

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