First Snow

Two white birds enjoy the still, silent, beauty of the first snowfall of the year.

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Snow generally isn’t a cause for celebration or joy among us in the TDQ family, but even those of us in the anti-snow camp have to admit that there is a certain magical beauty that comes with the white stuff: the stillness and silence of snowfall, the delicate intricacy of each flake, and the sparkling kiss of the sun on a blanket of white. There is also always the reminder of the special joy that most children find in snow, a joy that we try to remember and appreciate throughout the winter. Knowing that a very special 6-year-old is overjoyed every time she wakes up to fresh snow makes the same horrifying, dreaded, unbearable mornings a little easier for us to bear.

Whether the first snow of the season has already happened in your neck of the woods or not, happy first snow! If there is no snow where you live, take a moment to look at images online to feel that magical beauty described here, but mostly just consider yourself lucky!

Are you on Team Snow?

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