Flag Day

Happy Flag Day!

Today celebrates the adoption of “Old Glory” as the United States’ first national flag on June 14, 1777. Although Flag Day is not a federal holiday, take notice of the flags displayed on government buildings today and parades happening around the country. What does Flag Day mean to you?

6 thoughts on “Flag Day

  1. For me, Flag Day conjures memories of my dad–he always flies a gigantic American flag outside his house and outside his business. For him, Flag Day is every day!

  2. Well…the usual, of course, but when I think of Flag Day the first thing I think of is my parents’ anniversary. And they are 2 of my very favorite people and without that special day there wouldn’t be me, so it’s kind of an important reminder. 🙂

  3. Anytime I think of the early origins of America and all of its traditions and symbols, I think of our founding fathers and all of the hard work, sacrifice, and wisdom they gave to creating such a beautiful place for us.

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