For a Bubble Guy

For a Bubble Guy | The Daily Quipple

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Happy 2nd birthday, Little H. You love bubbles, balloons, umbrellas, and helping out. The other day, you woke up and said ā€œIā€™m a bubble guy.ā€

2 thoughts on “For a Bubble Guy

  1. Such cute Quipples. But,who is little H? We would all like to know more about T. and the Quipple family. Keep up the great Quippling and cutest little pix’s.

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Mary! Little H is my now two year old son. As you may know, I (T) create all of the art for The Daily Quipple, and my sister K and our mom J run the website and behind the scenes. We’ve been having fun with TDQ for years and love nothing more than hearing from quipple fans. You’ll see more references to Little H as time goes on. We will include more about the quipple family in the future. Thanks again for your note!

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