In the Middle of Winter

In the Middle of Winter | a fun illustration from The Daily QuippleToday is Kite Flying Day! Head out and celebrate by letting your inner child fly joyfully through the sky. It might be an odd challenge for those of you living in a cold, snowy, slippery environment, but it could also be the most fun you ever have flying a kite! And of course those of you in a suitable climate almost owe it to those of us in the tundra to get out there and let your kite soar!

2 thoughts on “In the Middle of Winter

  1. The daily Quipple made me think of a favorite memory. Back in 1979 on a perfectly amazing February day in Ft. Worth, some friends and I went and bought three kites and started to fly them out in front of the dorm. Pretty soon everyone in the dorm went to get kites, buying out the entire supply at the local store–and having to search for other sources. We had different contests after a while, one being who could get their kite out the farthest and still get it back in. The winner had put on THREE balls of string. We always joked that the airliners coming into DFW were probably having to dodge that kite, it was so high up there. I had never before (or since) been the instigator of a “happening” like that. It was a really fun day!

  2. Ramona, what a great story! A fun memory for you and probably all of your fellow kite flyers! Three balls of string – that is awesome.

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