Something to Remember

"Life is never a burden if love prevails." -Dr. Walter Rist

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A special thanks to Charlotte Adelsperger who wrote to let us know that this lovely quote which we had originally attributed to her should be credited to her father, the late Dr. Walter Rist. Charlotte included the quote in her story Between the Lines, published in A Second Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and other collections.

2 thoughts on “Something to Remember

  1. Traci, it was fun to see a quote credited to me on Sept.13, 2012. “Life is never a burden if love prevails” was actually written by my father, the late Dr. Walter Rist of St. Louis. I included it in a true story I wrote that has appeared in a number of collections. I like your Quipple cartoons!

  2. Hi Charlotte,

    Thank you for commenting. We will change the quipple attribution to your father’s name, and will include your story, Between the Lines, and your name in the post as well. Your father’s quote is one of our favorites.

    I’m so glad you are enjoying the quipples!

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