A Special Bond

"As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen." [A.A. Miline]

K here. I love this quipple because the real life Aunt & Niece team of K (me!) and Little K do indeed share many adventures. In fact, we shared a TDQ-related adventure this week and Little K thought it would be a great story to share with TDQ fans.

After a day of swimming and hiking and general adventure-having, we happened upon a turtle in the grass. We spent some time watching our new little friend and we even told him about The Daily Quipple, since it so often features turtles! After we said farewell to our new turtle friend – who we named Turdy – we decided to write and illustrate a story about Turdy. K and little K hope you enjoyed the story of our turtle adventure! Here are a few pictures:

Little K discovers Turdy

Turdy the Turtle!

Little K writes a story about Turdy! Do you have any adventure stories to share?

Beauty Where You Least Expect It

"Weeds are flowers too once you get to know them." A.A. Miline

A note from the artist: When I saw that May 13th was Tulip Day, I planned on designing a quipple honoring tulips and other beautiful flowers that pop up in May. But while driving one day, I noticed some yards wildly overtaken by vibrant golden dandelions. I simultaneously acknowledged their beauty (in my opinion, for yellow is my favorite color!) as well as the frustration that the homeowners must feel upon seeing their grass covered in “weeds.” This quote by the ever-wonderful A.A. Miline then came to my mind, as I have been saving it for a quipple for some time. I hope this reminds you of your childhood, because if it was anything like mine, I couldn’t always tell the difference between “weeds” and “flowers.”