Hold a Hand

"Life is full of changes so hold a hand a little longer." [Charlotte Adelsperger]

Here is another quote from Charlotte Adelsperger, inspiring author and friend of TDQ. As she wrote to us, these words touch on many experiences, including a child growing up, a person going into the military or losing a loved one. As most of us have experienced at least one of these changes, let’s all aim to hold a hand a little longer this week, for relationships are the most precious thing we have.

Something to Remember

"Life is never a burden if love prevails." -Dr. Walter Rist

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A special thanks to Charlotte Adelsperger who wrote to let us know that this lovely quote which we had originally attributed to her should be credited to her father, the late Dr. Walter Rist. Charlotte included the quote in her story Between the Lines, published in A Second Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and other collections.