Last Great Book

Last Great Book | The Daily Quipple

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Today is Read a Book Day! What‘s the last book you read?

We’d love for you to let us know in a comment.

Fer Me Crew o’ Swashbucklin’ Mates

Fer Me Crew o’ Swashbucklin’ Mates

Ahoy, buckos! Me jolly roger an’ me be gettin’ ready t’ cel’brate this mARRRRvelous day (Talk Like A Pirate Day–learn more here!) T’day be th’ day me crew AN’ th’ rest o’ th’ high seas be talkin’ like pirates, yarrrrr. Heave an’ ho an’ drink yer mornin’ grog, it be a wondARRRRful day t’ be a silly pirate! Ye can be me first mate. Yo, ho, ho.

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