Puppy Love

This is my doodle.

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Today’s custom quipple is dedicated to Brittany, our 700th Facebook fan! We’ll give away a free custom quipple to number 800, too. Invite your friends to like us on Facebook and maybe they’ll dedicate their custom quipple to YOU! And of course, you can also buy a custom quipple right now! It makes a wonderful, unique gift.

Every Moment With You is the Best Moment

I love you I love you do you want to have an adventure??!!?

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Happy birthday to JD, our artist T’s husband, puppy Nala’s pawrent, and a quipple superfan! If you would like to leave him a birthday greeting on this post, we’ll make sure he sees it.

Dogs Can Be Friends

Little K happily stands with her new canine friend.

A note from the artist: I often ask Little K for ideas. I always write her suggestions down because they are creative and insightful! Now, If you’ve been following TDQ for a while, you know that our residence quipple pup is a depiction of Little K’s real life dog. Today’s quipple depicts Little K and a dog we haven’t seen before because this one is based off her idea of showing that “Dogs can be friends.” Little K doesn’t just love her dog: she loves ALL animals, and especially all dogs, as she has never met one that she hasn’t loved.